The Gluten Free Altar Bread Co. - Offering 'GLUTEN-FREE' Communion Wafers
                  ***IMPORTANT INFORMATION***
All wafers supplied by The Gluten Free Altar Bread Co. are suitable for people following a 'Gluten Free' diet. We supply two types of wafers 1. 'Standard Gluten Free' and 2. 'Low Gluten'.
1. 'Standard Gluten-Free Wafers' (D9 & D10) contain Rice Flour, Potato Flour, Tapioca Flour, Natural Gum, and Water. These are suitable for a Gluten-Free diet. These do not contain Wheat. These are not suitable for The Catholic Church.
2. 'Low Gluten Wafers' (D20 & D21) are suitable for the Catholic Church. They contain Wheat and water only, as required for The Catholic Church for Sacrament of Holy Communium. The amount of gluten in 'Low Gluten Wafers' means they are suitable for a Gluten Free diet. Low Gluten Wafers are made from Wheat Flour however, and are NOT suitable for people who are also intolerant or allergic to Wheat, these wafers are not suitable for you. Please consult your priest for further advice on Holy Communion.
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